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D2S beats Brightmail

Death2Spam's professionally managed anti-spam and anti-virus service, with its premium technical support and domain reporting options, is the world's most accurate electronic mail filtering system.  But don't take our word for it -- try D2S for yourself!

Catches the spam others miss!

We challenge any other commercial anti-spam product to match Death2Spam's filtering performance, let alone do any better.  And our unique Anti-Virus technology gives D2S the jump on nabbing new variants of email-vectored malware, hours (even days) before competitor's signature updates have reached your mail server or desktop.


Death2Spam has been one of our most successful IT investments this year. Our 2,300 e-mail users were receiving a mountain of Spam, and this was causing our e-mail server to have intermittent outages. Since running with D2S, we have not had an outage. I use to receive 80 to 100 Spam a day. Not any more. And D2S is so accurate that I have yet to find a good e-mail that has been tagged as Spam. If you are looking for a fantastic Spam & Virus filter for your e-mail system, you simply cannot beat D2S. My sincere thanks to the D2S team.

-- Jason Wills, Chief Technology Officer, Harcourts International Ltd


Totally managed service solutions

For a no-obligation 30-day free trial of our Managed Service Solution for Small-Medium Business, simply enter your email address into the D2S Configuration Wizard.  You'll receive information about how Death2Spam can easily be configured to totally block all kinds of junk email from reaching your domain.

Today's (real-time) email classifications at the D2S Sentinel Server

How much does D2S cost?

Death2Spam offers the highest return on investment of any email security solution on the market (according to our users).  Per-user pricing starts at just $4.95 a month, or $49.95 per year for each filtered mailbox.  Eliminate the wasted time and frustration of deleting obnoxious emails, and restore your employees' productivity, for pennies a day!

Why not give it a try...

Try D2S for a month, for free -- you've nothing to lose but your spam!  With our High Availability Hosting and a carrier-grade SLA, we guarantee your business-critical emails will get through.

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